Baseball Action


This photograph was taken at a High Point baseball game in an attempt to get an action shot. The photo I turned in was marked down a couple of points for being too loose. I think this one would have worked better. I like the shot because of the dirt flying as the runner slid into the base. The shortstop did not make the tag as the ball is on the ground. I wish I could have gotten the shortstop a little bit sharper but I was focusing on second base, which made the runner sharp, but the shortstop is sports sharp. It was a great afternoon for baseball and I enjoyed Doug’s company as we took photos.


First Photo For Custom Color Printing Class


hillr_assign1This photograph was taken at a RJ Reynolds football game last season. We were instructed to print a photo we had previously taken and flush mount it. This photo was taken in a steady downpour which made the task challenging. It was at this game that I met Priscilla Brown, second year RCC photography student, taking photos for the small format class. She was there with another second year whose name I cannot remember. I like the photograph because of the raindrops frozen in the frame. Without that, it would only be another photograph of a football player running the ball. I wish this photo could have been taken in better lighting but the fields in our area, especially where Reynolds plays, have very poor lighting.


Photo from Medium Format Class


The photo above was taken as part of Dhanraj’s class in medium format. My project was about people on the street in Winston Salem. This time of year, this gentleman can be found playing outside the Mass General Store of up on 4th street. I was concentrating on his playing the instrument and did not realize there was such a defined shadow until I got into the darkroom. I like the shadow but wish I had done a better job on the focus as I feel he is a little soft. Like I said, the motivation was for Dhanraj’s project but I have photographed this man on several previous occasions and he is always accommodating.