Blog, Week 6, Composite

Here is my idea for my composite for PHO 241. I have taken a photo of the R. J. Reynolds school sign. I also have photos of 6 different R. J. Reynolds sports I have photographed. That will give me my seven different photographs for the composite. I intend to take the student athlete from each of the sports photos and place them on the school grounds near the school sign. I have posted 3 of the sports I intend to use for the composite. I have photographed 3 sports especially for this project, volleyball, field hockey and football. The school was also photographed just for this project. The other sports will be lacrosse, baseball, and soccer.


Blog Week 3, Friday Night Football

Blog Week 3

This is a photo from our first football assignment. I was able to use the 300mm lens to get this action. This shot is special to me because the young man making the tackle is the coach’s son. Last year the coach asked me to try and get a picture of his son. I got some photos but they were only of him blocking, which was not an action shot. This year, he has come into his own and is a force to be reckoned with on the field. In this shot, he is making a textbook tackle on the opposing teams running back. He has reached up into the player’s pads and is using his own weight to bring him down. I turned in another shot of him grabbing the quarterback, forcing him to throw the ball away to avoid a sack.

First Photo For Custom Color Printing Class


hillr_assign1This photograph was taken at a RJ Reynolds football game last season. We were instructed to print a photo we had previously taken and flush mount it. This photo was taken in a steady downpour which made the task challenging. It was at this game that I met Priscilla Brown, second year RCC photography student, taking photos for the small format class. She was there with another second year whose name I cannot remember. I like the photograph because of the raindrops frozen in the frame. Without that, it would only be another photograph of a football player running the ball. I wish this photo could have been taken in better lighting but the fields in our area, especially where Reynolds plays, have very poor lighting.