This is a photo from our medium format days. I really like reflections and I like photographing downtown so I went up on parking deck on Cherry Street and took this photo. The deck is right where Cherry Street meets Third Street. The photo shows what was once the Wachovia building and the BB&T building, which hosts the reflection of the Winston Tower, which used to be the RJ Reynolds building. I like shooting reflections as they can turn out very interesting and no better reflection can be had than off BB&T. Now that we are in small format, I look forward to doing this same shot in color at sunset.


Photo from Medium Format Class


The photo above was taken as part of Dhanraj’s class in medium format. My project was about people on the street in Winston Salem. This time of year, this gentleman can be found playing outside the Mass General Store of up on 4th street. I was concentrating on his playing the instrument and did not realize there was such a defined shadow until I got into the darkroom. I like the shadow but wish I had done a better job on the focus as I feel he is a little soft. Like I said, the motivation was for Dhanraj’s project but I have photographed this man on several previous occasions and he is always accommodating.