Week One, Tethered Capture Photo & Behind the Scenes


Behind the Scenes

These are photos of our first class in PHO 241. We were introduced to Capture One, which is image-editing software. These photos show us using the software to tether our camera to the computer which allows us to focus, change settings and view a much larger image of our subject using the computer screen. What a benefit to be able to see the image and make either major or fine adjustments on such a large scale. Also, being able to use the loupe function to very closely check your focus is a huge benefit. I am looking forward to getting better at Capture One and tethering.



This is a photo from our medium format days. I really like reflections and I like photographing downtown so I went up on parking deck on Cherry Street and took this photo. The deck is right where Cherry Street meets Third Street. The photo shows what was once the Wachovia building and the BB&T building, which hosts the reflection of the Winston Tower, which used to be the RJ Reynolds building. I like shooting reflections as they can turn out very interesting and no better reflection can be had than off BB&T. Now that we are in small format, I look forward to doing this same shot in color at sunset.

A Thrill A Minute


In my opinion, there is nothing in sports more exciting than bicycle racing. These folks ride at 30 plus miles per hour, wheel to wheel, shoulder to shoulder. They must have the utmost confidence in those racing around them to compete at those speeds, riding that close. Just one slip up, one mental lapse, and it sounds like paperclips in a blender when there is a crash. I like this photo because of the line the racers create and the colorful uniforms of each team. I wish the background could have been a little nicer.

RJ Reynolds Lacrosse


Lacrosse is a sport that I learned to appreciate late in life. It is one of the oldest games played in North America. Lacrosse had its originated in Canada by Native Americans and was thought to have been centered around the Great Lakes. Different Native American tribes would play each other and the matches could go on for days.

Lacrosse is a great sport. There is no other sport where a helmet is required and you carry a stick to either carry the ball or hit the opponent who has the ball. The rules state that a defensive player can use his stick to knock the ball loose from an opponent’s stick by hitting the opponent’s hands or stick. As you can see, there are times when the stick gets a little high. The rules also state there can be contact below the shoulders and above the waist. Body checking is allowed if done on the player possessing the ball and if it is done from the side or front, never from the back.

I like this photo because it shows the two styles of sticks used. The player on attack has a short stick and the defense has a longer stick. This is a good, legal defensive play.

Don’t Let The Skirts Fool You…


“Don’t Let The Skirts Fool You” is a mantra of field hockey players. They were what looks like a skirt over shorts as part of their uniform but they want you to know right away that there is nothing “dainty” about them.

I started doing sports photography in the digital world shooting RJ Reynolds High School Field Hockey. My stepdaughter was playing and I wanted her to have something to look back on, years from now when she has her own family. I have one photo of my mother in a team picture when she played basketball at Tula High School in Tula, MS. I have one picture of my baseball playing days, which is a team photo when I was 16 years old. I wanted her to have more than that and I know her children will have fun looking at their mom in her athletic years. The year she graduated, the coach asked to if I would come back out and photograph the team the next year, even though Emma would not be playing. I said yes and this year will be my tenth year providing memories for these young folks.

Field hockey is a sport played with a stick that is flat on one side and rounded on the other. The ball can only be touched with the flat side. If you have possession of the ball and it touches the rounded side, a whistle is blown, play stopped, that the ball turned over to the other team. It is a tough sport and is not for the faint of heart. The ball is hard rubber and as the season wears on, so do the bruises that appear on the arms and legs of the players. I have seen these girls hit with a direct shot, fall to their knees, take a couple of deep breaths, and refuse to leave the game. These young ladies are very, very tough.

I like this photo because the light was good and it shows off athletic ability.

Leader of the Pack


This is one of my two favorite track photos. This is an event that has been held at Hanes Park in Winston Salem for the last 30 years. The event consists of 5 events, the mile, 400 meters, 800 meters, 100 meters, and a cross country 5K, all in one evening. The thing I like about this photo is the strength of the woman in the front. Don’t be so shallow as to think those very fast male runners behind her are lapping her. The photo illustrates the power of the female athlete. Make no mistake; those guys behind her were fast male runners. This lady was focused and in total control of the race she was running. She not only led this event, but also led and won each heat of each event and became the female overall winner. If I could change something about this photo, I would have taken it in the turn so that more of the pack behind her could be seen and you could see just how hard they were working to try and keep up.

Soccer Action


I know we all found that getting a ball just off the pictures fingers is hard. Well, getting a header in soccer is equally as hard. You have to follow the ball in the air and determine who was going to go up for the ball. I have quite a few shots of the ball just off the head, which meant I was late, but I got this one making contact. What I would like to get is two players going up for the ball and getting the ball making contact with a players head while their heads collide. That is not uncommon in soccer but hard for me to get.

Baseball Action


This photograph was taken at a High Point baseball game in an attempt to get an action shot. The photo I turned in was marked down a couple of points for being too loose. I think this one would have worked better. I like the shot because of the dirt flying as the runner slid into the base. The shortstop did not make the tag as the ball is on the ground. I wish I could have gotten the shortstop a little bit sharper but I was focusing on second base, which made the runner sharp, but the shortstop is sports sharp. It was a great afternoon for baseball and I enjoyed Doug’s company as we took photos.

First Photo For Custom Color Printing Class


hillr_assign1This photograph was taken at a RJ Reynolds football game last season. We were instructed to print a photo we had previously taken and flush mount it. This photo was taken in a steady downpour which made the task challenging. It was at this game that I met Priscilla Brown, second year RCC photography student, taking photos for the small format class. She was there with another second year whose name I cannot remember. I like the photograph because of the raindrops frozen in the frame. Without that, it would only be another photograph of a football player running the ball. I wish this photo could have been taken in better lighting but the fields in our area, especially where Reynolds plays, have very poor lighting.


Photo from Medium Format Class


The photo above was taken as part of Dhanraj’s class in medium format. My project was about people on the street in Winston Salem. This time of year, this gentleman can be found playing outside the Mass General Store of up on 4th street. I was concentrating on his playing the instrument and did not realize there was such a defined shadow until I got into the darkroom. I like the shadow but wish I had done a better job on the focus as I feel he is a little soft. Like I said, the motivation was for Dhanraj’s project but I have photographed this man on several previous occasions and he is always accommodating.