Blog Week 3, Ball Boy

Blog Week 3-2

I submitted a photo for Jay’s Photo-A-Day blog of an action shot from a football game. He said it was a good action shot but what he wanted was a shot of something going on associated with the game, but not the game. An example he gave was ‘the ball boy juggling 4 footballs’. At the R.J. Reynolds game Friday night, I was not able to find a ball boy juggling 4 footballs but I did find one juggling 3 footballs, so here he is. I like this photo because this young man appears to be up to something and we do not know what it is. Just look at his eyes and smile and you know a prank is about to happen.


Blog Week 3, Friday Night Football

Blog Week 3

This is a photo from our first football assignment. I was able to use the 300mm lens to get this action. This shot is special to me because the young man making the tackle is the coach’s son. Last year the coach asked me to try and get a picture of his son. I got some photos but they were only of him blocking, which was not an action shot. This year, he has come into his own and is a force to be reckoned with on the field. In this shot, he is making a textbook tackle on the opposing teams running back. He has reached up into the player’s pads and is using his own weight to bring him down. I turned in another shot of him grabbing the quarterback, forcing him to throw the ball away to avoid a sack.

Blog Week 2, Solar Eclipse (1) – The Beginning


The eclipse for me was both exciting and disappointing. The weather forecast was for clear skies with zero chance of rain. The rain part was correct, but just as the moon was about to fully block out the sun to provide the totality we had all driven so far to see, a big grey cloud seemed to come out of nowhere and blocked the sun and moon. What I saw was exciting but did not get the money photo.

I like this photo because it proved that this eclipse thing was really going to happen. I was very exciting to see the whole process begin with a very slight indentation on the upper right side of the sun.

Blog Week 2, Solar Eclipse (2) – Just Before The Cloud


This photo was one of the last that was taken before the big, grey cloud dampened our spirits. The cloud just seemed to come out of nowhere. It only affected a small area as another fellow student was in the same general area and it did not block her view of totality. This was pretty much all we saw until the moon started exposing the sun once again. Now that I have done it once, I hope I am around long enough to get a second shot at it in 2024. I may be using a walker by then, but heck, the camera will be on a tripod.

Week One, Tethered Capture Photo & Behind the Scenes


Behind the Scenes

These are photos of our first class in PHO 241. We were introduced to Capture One, which is image-editing software. These photos show us using the software to tether our camera to the computer which allows us to focus, change settings and view a much larger image of our subject using the computer screen. What a benefit to be able to see the image and make either major or fine adjustments on such a large scale. Also, being able to use the loupe function to very closely check your focus is a huge benefit. I am looking forward to getting better at Capture One and tethering.