Leader of the Pack


This is one of my two favorite track photos. This is an event that has been held at Hanes Park in Winston Salem for the last 30 years. The event consists of 5 events, the mile, 400 meters, 800 meters, 100 meters, and a cross country 5K, all in one evening. The thing I like about this photo is the strength of the woman in the front. Don’t be so shallow as to think those very fast male runners behind her are lapping her. The photo illustrates the power of the female athlete. Make no mistake; those guys behind her were fast male runners. This lady was focused and in total control of the race she was running. She not only led this event, but also led and won each heat of each event and became the female overall winner. If I could change something about this photo, I would have taken it in the turn so that more of the pack behind her could be seen and you could see just how hard they were working to try and keep up.


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