Baseball Action


This photograph was taken at a High Point baseball game in an attempt to get an action shot. The photo I turned in was marked down a couple of points for being too loose. I think this one would have worked better. I like the shot because of the dirt flying as the runner slid into the base. The shortstop did not make the tag as the ball is on the ground. I wish I could have gotten the shortstop a little bit sharper but I was focusing on second base, which made the runner sharp, but the shortstop is sports sharp. It was a great afternoon for baseball and I enjoyed Doug’s company as we took photos.


3 thoughts on “Baseball Action”

  1. I love the way you captured this moment. The dirt flying shows motion as he is sliding into base and the ball on the ground, the expression, it all makes this a great image! I actually enjoyed shooting baseball and was one of my favorite assignments in small format.


  2. I envy the fact that you got an action shot let alone two, I shot at least 3 games just in the hopes of getting an action shot. This is a great photo and it is clear that you know what you are doing in terms of sports photography.


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